Bara Boarders is OUT!

Bara Boarders is a short and cute VN that takes place on an idyllic beach in Hawaii. You are a newbie surfer, whose been out on the waves enough times, but is aching to finally catch a wave and stay up on your board for the first time. You’re determined that today will be the day!

Thing is, you’re going to run into distractions, other handsome surfers - will they hinder or can they help you on your quest in paradise today?

Bara Boarders features a new Soulsoft EA game mechanic. At any point, you can click the “Phone Number” button on the HUD, essentially asking a guy for his phone number. If he’s feeling you, he’ll exchange numbers with you, but getting it is all about understanding the flow of conversation, social/emotional intelligence, timing and let’s face it…luck! (Like in real life)

Proud to be a submission as part of the first ever BARA JAM (2018)!



  • 100% free!
  • 3 Buff Love Interests
  • 3 Good, 6 Not-So-Good Endings 
  • Wonderful tropical and relaxing hawaiian tunes. including some classics
  • New "Phone Number" Game Mechanic, control when you initiate love
  • Cute classic 2D cartoon aesthetic

Soulsoft EA also has other great games at

If you find bugs or typos please contact me at


Bara 99 MB
Nov 11, 2018
Bara 82 MB
Nov 11, 2018

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Short is right.. too short, but waaaaay too much reading for very little action.
Met guy at the bar, got tired of the amount of reading for a couple of choices , then game ended because I didn't get his number. SHEESH!.. could've at least let the player continue to meet the other guys and loop around until we get a pickup and then make the game end,... but sadly not by Dev's choice. I cannot see myself keeping this game in my hard drive. It's too boring.