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(BxB, BL, Parody, School, Omegaverse)

"Hey all, I'm Aki and no I'm not a furry! Okay? I'm your average high-maintenance, fashionable guy who sometimes cross-dresses during smexy times (unwillingly of course! How dare you). I also have a killer dry wit. I'm a mix, like if you smashed Cher from Clueless and Wednesday Adams, is how I'd best describe myself.

I'm attending my first year at the University of North Catterina, but of course, living in the Omegaverse means my Heat strikes at the worst time ever! Like week one actually. For those of you who aren't in the know, in the Omegaverse, there are Betas, Omegas, and Alphas who literally take on animalistic traits. I dunno if that justifies our cat ears and tails though...I swear it's a cheap attempt at exploitation somehow! Anyways, we Omegas, once a month, go into Heat which drives all the Alphas WILD.

All I wanted was a banal stock-standard yaoi BL experience that happens to take place at a school. Now with my Heat bringing all the Tomcats to the yard, how am I ever going to adjust smoothly to my higher educational experience!? This is like, my future! I can't give into being skanky...again." - AKI 

Hi everyone! Sexy Litter is a Yaoi/BL parody game dreamt up by my best friend LadyRiot, and SSEA is finally getting around to making her dream collaboration come true. She has some of the best humor and writing skills I've seen, is very active in the anime fanfic community, and I hope we bring you something hilarious, stupid, venomously sarcastic and still contains massive amounts of heart. Sexy Litter will bring up and poke (or shank) mercilessly at all those gay tropes that make you roll your damn eyes, is very self-aware and totally unapologetic. Oh and of course 18+ sexy content abounds! We can't have a game called "Sexy Litter" without sexy times in it, can we? Perverts.


  • 5 Endings.
  • Chiptune OST which fits the weird 80's/90's aesthetic we have going on. 
  • Animated BGs.
  • Branching scenarios that stem from your choices.
  • 18+ NSFW content + CGs.

I didn't think it'd be possible, but somehow we pulled it out our asses and completed the full version of SEXY LITTER in time for the last day of YaoiJam2018! We are sooo happy and hope you enjoy it very much!

Soulsoft also has other great games at https://soulsoftea.itch.io/

Visit the official "Sexy Litter" thread here.

If you find bugs or typos please contact me at soulsoftea@gmail.com


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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