Ruby Balance Changes

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all of the support so far! We hope all of you are enjoying our sexy jaunt into Middle Girth.

We've had a few comments concerned about balance issues in the game, so we've just released a new build (version 1.1, or build 102 for Android) that increases the number of rubies gained from battles. Hopefully that will make obtaining all units and affording upgrades for them a little less grindy now.

We're also aware of a few usability concerns around Android, particularly the small buttons. The Sausage Party UI should be a little friendlier in version 1.1 (you can tap on the units themselves instead of just the buttons), and we'll continue pursuing tweaks to the UIs in future updates to make them more touch-friendly, especially on smaller devices, so be on the lookout for those changes.

Please continue letting us know of any concerns or problems you have!


com.bobcgames.orcsofmordick-102-universal-release.apk 170 MB
Nov 28, 2021
OrcsofMordick-1.1-linux.tar.bz2 151 MB
Nov 28, 2021 152 MB
Nov 28, 2021 157 MB
Nov 28, 2021

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Would there be a 32.bit version for PC ?

We are not planning on releasing a 32-bit version for PC


Aww no rebalancing status effects like how the penis fish make the fight take 20mins since the game will go in slow motion if you have a person who can act which if its a single target warrior can't target them. Or how thirst has no counterplay and just stops you from playing the game so you just sit there for ages.


thanks for the feedback! For now, when you encounter issues with thirst and single target troops try deselecting the troop (I’m not at my computer but I believe this works). It will still be slow but the enemy power will eventually wear off. We’ll hopefully have something a little more elegant soon. 

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Yeah, the ruby changes feel really good, they do a lot to make the game feel more like you're working towards achievable things rather than the prior slowness. Thirst and Stage Fright feel too stifling though, especially because they're on group hits and last for several turns. I kinda feel like I -must- use Last Dance with Orc Dancer to start and control every fight, or else risk being Thirst/SF'ed into submission. (Granted, that tactic -does- work.)


tbh orc dancer is wayyyyyy better than I thought he’d be originally. I think we’ll have some sort of skip turn button soon to make it a bit better :)


If those status effects would either not hit the entire player group, and/or didn't last so long, they'd feel a whole lot better imo, but then again I'm now stuck on the transition from medium to hard fights due to the raw number jump lol


go to the dificulty above hard and do the medium boss rush, its just medium dificulty but gives alot more experiance. I've got 400 - 1500 xp from it, it's what i did to move up to hard makes it very easy to get to lvl 50 which should be able to kill hard mode quite well. Though i did use AoE spam party.