Bug Fixes

A new build of Orcs of Mordick has been released that fixes one fairly major bug, and improves quality of life slightly:

  • Buying items to increase stats for anything other than HP, SP, and crit % now actually works
    • If you had purchased a lot of HP stat increases previously, you'll now notice a drop in power of your units, as previously HP increases were applying to other stats as well
  • There is now a "Skip turn" button in the skill selection UI if you just want to burn a unit's turn (to speed up combat)
  • Amorous, when used by enemies, will wear off significantly more quickly than before
    • Slurpy's use of the skill, and effect, is unaffected

We hope you've all been enjoying the game! As always, please feel free to leave us feedback on things that you'd like to see changed.


OrcsofMordick-1.2-linux.tar.bz2 151 MB
Jan 27, 2022
OrcsofMordick-1.2-mac.zip 152 MB
Jan 27, 2022
OrcsofMordick-1.2-win.zip 157 MB
Jan 27, 2022
com.bobcgames.orcsofmordick-release.apk 170 MB
Jan 27, 2022

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It's great to see you guys are working on the game again! I really hope that means we might get more content 🤞 Thank you guys for the fixes!